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SharePoint Sandbox Logging

The Source Code for this Utility is Now Available on GitHub

SharePoint Sandbox Logging enables developers and solution designers to easily log events to logging list in your site collection, allowing you to easily trace errors on custom solutions within your site collection, with no need for server access. Perfect for sandbox / Office 365.

This project contains one sandbox solution with a site collection logging feature. When feature is active – it creates the list and logs. If it is not active – it does not log. Simple. It also contains a sample C# class for using the logger. You should use this class within your solution and use it to do your logging. This project is for public free use, the goal is to create a community standard for logging in SharePoint from sandbox solutions, and also from full trusted solutions if you want to! Use the discussion board for changes / new features requests, or ask to join if you wish to contribute.

Click Here for the utility documentation.

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