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SharePoint Search & Replace

The Source Code for this Utility is Now Available on GitHub

SharePoint Search and Replace for SharePoint 2007 utility enables you to replace hard-coded strings in SharePoint lists, document libraries, web part properties and text-based documents.

A commercial version for SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 and SharePoint Online is now available!

Click Here to navigate to the commercial version.

This version is a client-side tool that requires no installation on your SharePoint server.
For more details please contact sales@kwizcom.com.

Along the process of implementing SharePoint based solutions, configuration changes can lead to a situation where hard-coded strings in the SharePoint information store is either not updated anymore, or even worst – simply wrong, pointing to a wrong location.

For example, a “Favorites” links list item, that directs users to “http://intranet/site”, now needs to be changed to “http://extranet/site”.

KWizCom SharePoint List String Search and Replace will scan your entire SharePoint lists, WebParts and text documents, and will replace the existing strings with your updated chosen string.

KWizCom SharePoint search and replace

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