Take Microsoft Teams to the Next Level

Extend the capabilities of MS Teams! Transform Teams channels into more advanced collaborative workspaces with our modern apps.

• Create dynamic forms & workflows
• Aggregate events and calendars
• As part of your Teams Project Dashboard, aggregate & highlight items
• Aggregate & display any content type in Teams channel, e.g. tasks/milestones aggregation from many sites, posts, news

As a result, you can easily implement all kinds of common use-cases available within Teams, such as:

• IT helpdesk
• HR leave request solution
• Company phone book
• Anything else requiring advanced forms & data aggregation/display

Use KWizCom modern apps & Microsoft Teams to make deployment and user-adoption of Teams easier. The same solutions that were previously only available in SharePoint can now be used in Teams!

Read the article on how to take Microsoft Teams to new heights by SharePoint Expert Consultant Peter Baddeley.

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Data View Plus App: https://kwizcom.com/sharepoint-apps/data-view-plus-spfx-web-part/

KWizCom Forms App: https://kwizcom.com/sharepoint-apps/kwizcom-sharepoint-forms/

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