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KWizCom Bundles at 30% OFF of the individual add-on cost

We have bundled custom toolkits for your SharePoint needs at a discounted rate. In a single bundle we have packaged together KWizCom add-ons that answer the typical needs that arise for SharePoint implementers and administrators

Featured Bundles Include

SharePoint WEB 2.0 Plus Bundle

Get a full range of advanced Web 2.0 capabilities – at 30% less!

KWizCom Ultimate Package

Your one-stop SharePoint shopping! The ultimate toolkit with the highest level of service

SharePoint Web Content Management (WCM) Bundle

Take your SharePoint website to the next level!

SharePoint Project Management Bundle

Put your projects on the fast track to excellence!

Information Management Utilities for SharePoint (iMUSH)

Convert docs to PDF, print, scan, bulk zip & download/send information in a single click!

Enhanced SharePoint List Bundle

In a single bundle you get the power of web-form functionality in your SharePoint lists

SharePoint Data Visualization Tools Bundle

All the tools you need to better display, highlight and analyze your data!

SharePoint Collaboration Plus Bundle

The tools you need for your shared workspace

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Want to build your own bundle?

You can customize a package of products to answer your specific needs.

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