Datasheet View

Do you struggle with the SharePoint Quick Edit or the SharePoint Grid View? Do you miss the “Excel-like” features of the SharePoint 2010 Datasheet view?

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Datasheet View

Now the Datasheet view is available using all browsers!

Although the SharePoint Quick Edit view introduced a major improvement by supporting all browsers instead of just IE, it still is not user-friendly and lacks the “Excel-like” capabilities of the SharePoint 2010 Datasheet view.

That is why our team has created the Datasheet view web part for Microsoft 365. After you install this web part, you will be able to bulk-edit your SharePoint lists using the good old Datasheet view. And this is in addition to the new SharePoint Quick Edit mode.


  • True “Excel-like” Datasheet view (same as SP2010)
  • Support both classic and modern lists
  • Support IE, Edge and Chrome browsers