Transform your content management system with our CMS solution.

Designed with Microsoft users in mind. 

KWIZ CMS 365 microsoft 365

The Best Wiki App for Microsoft 365

KWIZ CMS 365 is the solution that understands key documentation challenges faced by organizations.

With its robust feature set, seamless integration, and user-centric design, CMS 365 stands out as the content management system choice for any team looking to maximize SharePoint.

KWIZ CMS 365 is 100% SharePoint native and enables:

  • Unparalleled Integration.
  • Ease of Migration.
  • Enhanced Usability.
  • Cost Effectiveness.

It's not just a tool; It's a Transformation!

CMS 365 key Features

Seamless Migration for KWIZ's WikiPlus

CMS 365 is a cloud-based content management system platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, providing a superior alternative to SharePoint Sites. 

With features like customizable page layouts, a markdown editor, and easy import options from WikiPlus and Teams Wiki, CMS 365 streamlines content creation and management. 

The platform also offers automatic author tracking, version control, and advanced search functionality, saving your team time and effort. CMS 365 is designed to scale with your organization’s needs, offering cost-effective tiered pricing and ongoing enhancements. 

By choosing CMS 365, you’ll benefit from improved team collaboration, increased productivity, and a more efficient documentation workflow. 

Easily integrate KWIZ CMS 365 to your Microsoft Ecosystem


  1. Seamless Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem: effortlessly embed within Microsoft Teams
  2. Advanced Usability Over SharePoint: simplify the creation and management of documents, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  3. Cloud-Powered Collaboration: Facilitate real-time collaboration and secure, cloud-based publishing, to support both internal documentation and external sharing needs.
  4. Comprehensive Documentation Solution: From internal knowledge bases to customer-facing manuals, serve as a single solution for all documentation needs, ensuring content is organized and accessible.
  5. Cost-Effective Migration and Operation: Clear, straightforward path for migration from existing systems like WikiPlus, with competitive pricing that ensures a high return on investment.