Case Studies

Read a selection of case studies on how KWIZ is making SharePoint even better for more than 10,000 organizations worldwide.

Brief Summary BizPortal, from Inspired, is an intranet portal ready to be used by any organization looking to bring value and quick wins to their employees in a quick and efficient manner. Built using the power of KWizCom Forms, BizPortal removes the complication and fuss

“Cascading lookup lists for our Trustees were quick & easy to generate thanks to KWizCom!” Carol Katzman, Vice President for Information Technology Barnard College, Columbia University Brief Summary Founded in 1889, Barnard College is a private women’s liberal arts college in the United States and

Continental Airlines augments SharePoint out-of-the-box with KWizCom’s Wiki Plus, Cascading Lookups and KWizCom Forms to enable greater collaboration and save valuable development time.   Summary Continental Airlines’ Steve Stewart is a Senior Information Technology Specialist, on the team responsible for development of the airline’s SharePoint

Complexly structured online survey for the two largest public hospitals in Australia was made possible by using the power of KWizCom Forms.   Brief Summary A requirement to provide an easy to implement, but complexly structured online survey to the two of the largest public

Tristar Products organizes reporting, reduces emails by 50% and enables efficient e-commerce updates with SharePoint and KWizCom Professional Services   Summary Tristar Products Inc is an international infomercial market leader. Its business demands the management of multiple projects and the associated contracts simultaneously. In 2009,

Wisag IT Helpdesk system, empowered by KWizCom Forms to provide custom-tailored, dynamic forms within SharePoint (No need to learn nor deploy any external proprietary forms tool!).   Summary The German company Wisag needed a help-desk solution. They implemented KWizCom Forms and gained dynamic field level

KWizCom Forms deployed to provide The Family Support Liaison Program’s workers intuitive and speedy data entry/retrieval forms, while at the same time ensuring that access to sensitive fields/views is given to authorized personnel only. Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools is a publicly funded School Division