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ProvisionPoint Audit

Understand the health of your M365 tenant quickly with our Audit App – native to Microsoft Teams.


How ProvisionPoint Audit app enables you to quickly identify risks.

Microsoft 365 provides many opportunities to collaborate with people within your organization and externally.  In the Hybrid world of work, Microsoft 365 is the ideal place to store and share information easily. Administrators and compliance managers are under significant pressure to ensure they are meeting regulatory demands and effectively manage cost.

This is where the Audit app from KWIZ and ProvisionPoint can help.  The Audit app is native to Microsoft Teams, which allows authorized users to understand the health of their Microsoft 365 tenant at their fingertips.  They can quickly identify risks, such as the level of access granted to a Guest or where content has been shared externally. 

The audit app includes a range of easy to use reports with features that include:

  • Easy to install with the option over which data center location to use.
  • Access directly in Microsoft Teams.
  • Reporting can be focused on individual Site or Team, or the whole M365 tenant.
  • All reports can be exported to Excel.

Guest User Reports

The management of Guest Users in SharePoint and Teams is one of the most important compliance challenges with Microsoft 365.  It is difficult to gain clear visibility of what guests have access to Microsoft 365 and the scope of their access.  

The Audit app allows you to quickly identify what Sites and Teams a Guest User has access to, or the Guests that have access to a specific Site or Team.  Further, the tenant wide report gives a complete picture of all the guests in Microsoft 365 and the workspaces they can access.

Sharing Reports

The ease of sharing files, especially externally, is one of the benefits of Microsoft 365.  However, there is a significant risk attached to oversharing, especially with personal or sensitive data.  

The Audit app allows administrators and compliance managers to easily identify content which has been shared from SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive.  Detailed reports include the type of sharing link, who the file is shared with and any expiration policies that have been applied.


The Audit app is not just limited to the security of your Microsoft 365 tenant.  It will help organizations make the best use of their investment in Microsoft 365.  One of those areas is helping administrators better understand the amount of data stored in SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.  

This includes locations that are consuming excessive storage and adding to an organization’s cost.

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