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SharePoint Help Desk:
No code solution with KWIZ Forms

Join our upcoming webinar on July 9th at 11AM EST covering No Code Interactive SharePoint Helpdesk


Create your own interactive SharePoint Helpdesk with the exact functionality and fields that your organization requires. The best part is how easily you can configure your system to work exactly the way you want.

Please join MVP Bijay Kumar for a live webinar where he will demonstrate a fully customizable Helpdesk Solution. In this session you will learn, how to:

  • Design an interactive helpdesk form without using code, just using KWIZ Forms
  • Manage helpdesk ticket assignment rules
  • Create customizable ticket closure forms
  • Automate business processes, including the sending notifications and more

Register to see a simple process to build your own Interactive Helpdesk system in SharePoint using ZERO CODE.


Register by clicking below!

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