KWIZ Ultimate Bundle

Our most comprehensive bundle, this package contains 60+ dynamic SharePoint solutions that will greatly enhance your SharePoint experience

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The KWIZ Ultimate Bundle is a comprehensive package of SharePoint solutions designed to enhance and customize the SharePoint user experience. The bundle includes 60+ solutions that cover different aspects of SharePoint, such as list and library management, forms, workflow, navigation, and more. 

These solutions are highly customizable, allowing users to tailor them to their specific needs. Because KWIZ apps are synergistic and integrable, get the most value compared to any other Microsoft extension on the market at the most cost effective price! Overall, the KWIZ Ultimate Bundle is a convenient and cost-effective solution for organizations looking to maximize their SharePoint experience.

In addition to these solutions get access to...
  • Any new KWIZ products released in 2023 at no additional charge.
  • The Advanced Support Program which provides you with fast access to our 2nd-tier and development teams.
  • Up to 10 hours training enabling you to quickly start creating your advanced solutions with zero-development involved!

Key Benefits

Comprehensive solution

KWIZ’s Ultimate Bundle is a complete package of SharePoint solutions that cover various aspects like list and library management, forms, workflow, navigation, and more. It provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for users by saving time and effort in searching for single point add-ons from different vendors.

Improved User Experience

KWIZ’s solutions enhance the
usability of SharePoint through features such as the Cascading Lookup Plus
add-on, which simplifies filtering of lookup fields, and the List Aggregator
solution, which consolidates data from multiple lists into one view for improved
data management and analysis. These solutions aim to create a more intuitive and
user-friendly SharePoint experience.


KWIZ’s solutions enhance the
usability of SharePoint through features such as the Cascading Lookup Plus
solution, which simplifies filtering of lookup fields, and the List Aggregator
solution, which consolidates data from multiple lists into one view for improved
data management and analysis. These solutions aim to create a more intuitive and
user-friendly SharePoint experience.

Cost Effective

The Ultimate Bundle is a
cost-effective way for organizations to improve SharePoint’s functionality
without spending too much money. Its competitive pricing, combined with the
cost savings of using a single vendor for multiple solutions, can lead to
significant cost reductions over time.

KWIZ Ultimate Bundle

All included solutions

Aggregated Calculation Field Type

Display KPI summary's based on data from local/remote lists.

  • Display summary functions (Count, Sum, Avg)
  • use list column values as dynamic properties
  • Optionally allow end-users to change the configured summary function
  • Optional integration with KWIZ KPI Column and Conditional Formatting
Aggregation Caching Feature

Enables SharePoint end users to run extensive queries with quick response time.

  • Enable cross site collection and application queries
  • Execute aggregations by a central job that can be deployed on an application server
  • Cache aggregation results on a farm-level cache which is accessible through API for custom web part to use
  • Centrally manage and monitor aggregation rules

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Connect to several data sources and consolidate events into a single modular calendar view.

  • Connect to many data sources including SharePoint lists, SharePoint APIs, Microsoft Graph APIs, and Excel
  • Create conditions to dynamically display, hide, or cumulate specific calendar events
  • Conditionally format calendar events by color and form.

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Enhances existing lookup columns with added filter based searching capabilities.

  • Cross-site lookups 
  • Filter lookups by view 
  • Filter lookups by another column using cascading fields 
  • Filter lookups by additional columns in the lookup list 
  • Quickly add items to the lookup list 
  • Display additional columns from a target list in a table with grid mode

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Charts for SharePoint

Easily create dynamic & interactive charts based on various data source types and multiple sites.

  • Connect to remote or local SharePoint lists, Excel files, and multiple SharePoint sites
  • Utilize various chart types
  • Filter data and display through custom configurations
  • Customizable themes
  • Chart printing and export

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Copy images & rich text documents from local desktop into SharePoint rich content fields and pages.

  • Copy formatted text from MS Word to SharePoint (including tables and images)
  • Copy images from Windows Desktop to SharePoint

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Conditional Formatting

Quickly configure dynamic conditional formatting rules for columns and rows for your SharePoint forms.

  • Supports dynamic tokens such as [Me] and [Today]
  • Configure conditional formatting rules for specific row or columns

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Current Item Property

Take meta-data from the current page containing the web-part and connect it to an additional web-part.

  • Useful for filtering items across list views
  • Can connect and integrate with any other available KWIZ web-part

Provide an Excel-like user experience for managing SharePoint lists and libraries in your site.

  • Add an Excel-like bulk view for SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Easy tool access from any list’s ribbon/toolbar.

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Field Type

Conditionally highlight cells/rows and display custom dynamic KPI’s in your list and library views.

  • Display KPI icons 
  • Display KPI progress bars 
  • Support dynamic tokens such as [Me] and [Today] 

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Discussion Board Feature

Add a full set of familiar internet Discussion Board features that you can easily customize on your SharePoint site.

  • Display discussion board statistics
  • Index discussions by subjects
  • Easily search for discussions by author, subject, or post
  • Post rating system
  • Quickly approve or reject multiple posts
  • Easily attach various file types to discussions

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File Controller Feature

Enforce file size limits and define which file types are allowed for upload to a SharePoint list/library.

  • Define max upload file size in a SharePoint list/library  
  • Allow defining both allowed or blocked file types in a SharePoint list/library  

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Inline Editor

Your bulk editing solution for displaying and mass editing multiple list items in an intuitive Excel like view.

  • Import excel files by a simple and intuitive Copy & Paste operation
  • Bulk edit list properties
  • Allow editing of custom columns
  • Available for use in any browser view

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URL Field
with File Picker

Enhance the existing SharePoint URL column by selecting an item in your documents rather than typing the URL.

  • Requires no configuration 
  • Will add as a selectable option to all URL form columns 
  • Link files from various sources such as SharePoint, OneDrive and more 

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Risk Management Chart

This chart visually shows a probability-impact matrix, based on the PMBOK risk management methodology.

  • Record & manage your risks properties as well as risk mitigation plans
  • Customizable colors, scale, and on screen notifications
  • Aggregate risks from multiple projects
  • Allow end-user to filter risks using configurable filtering form

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Organizational Chart

Pool data from various sources across the business to display your organizations breakdown structure in dynamic, tree, and grid views.

  • Pull data from SharePoint lists, Excel files, Azure AD, SharePoint profile service
  • Use custom filters to effortlessly find any employees in your organization
  • Add Persona cards with actions, hierarchical level, and information on the employees properties.

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Manage image files from remote or distributed locations across your SharePoint farm in a single and conveniently unified view.

  • Aggregate data from multiple SharePoint sites, site collections, libraries, lists, and excel sheets
  • Display your pictures from Microsoft Teams  with aesthetic picture gallery display controls.
  • Display your pictures in several great looking layouts

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Quickly view the contents of MS Office, CAD and other documents, without having to download files to your client machine!

  • Enable SharePoint end-users to quickly view document content by displaying the number of thumbnails you want
  • When end-users search the previewed document, all found terms are highlighted.
  • Pre-cache server job enables fast previews of very large documents

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Enable users to rate and comment on pages, documents and list items. Rating is done in various methods: 5-stars rating, voting, and kicking.

  • Various rating systems for 5-stars rating method, Voting (Thumb-up/Thumb-down), Kicking (“Like)” rating type
  • A standard Rating column enables filtering of items by the average rating
  • Enables anonymous user rating

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List Viewer

Give users access to SharePoint lists that are located on other SharePoint sites, allowing them to use these lists as if they were local!

  • Supports all SharePoint editions (Foundation/Server)
  • View & manage SharePoint lists/libraries located on other sites/web application/servers (on the same farm)
  • Toggle between views of the remote list

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SharePoint Find & Replace

Allow users to quickly and easily replace hard-coded strings in SharePoint with new strings. This tool includes a scan only mode to locate and count strings.

  • Search your SharePoint farms and sites for any given token, have the option of replacing it with new text
  • Add a collection of URLs to search, these sites can be on different farms
  • The real-time progress tab allows you to monitor the exact progress and pause/resume execution at any time

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Easily implement branched Surveys and Quizzes, including all types of question: Drop-downs, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, rating scales and more.

  • Two survey modes: Survey and Quiz
  • Support anonymous voting, including Cookie checks for unique anonymous user submission
  • Support SharePoint survey list branching
  • Eight different graph types
  • User redirection to a custom page after survey submission
  • Enables enforcing unique answers for rating-scale questions

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The advanced wiki features provide the most productive and cost effective tool for real collaboration and knowledge sharing across the company enterprise

  • Provide users with enhanced editing capabilities to improve content editing
  • Includes a left-side hierarchical tag/folders tree, enabling navigation between pages by hierarchy
  • Supports standard Wiki markup developer language
  • Export to MS WORD and PDF
  • Enable embedding structured content (list views) in Wiki articles, including remote lists
  • Supports cross-site deployment of several connected wiki sites

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Copy/Move SharePoint Content

Easily duplicate, copy, or move SharePoint list items, calendar events, and documents across your SharePoint Site or Farm while maintaining version history.

  • Bulk copy or move content: documents, list items, calendar events, web part pages, publishing pages, wiki pages, images, folders, documents sets
  • Maintain the version history during copy/move
  • Duplicate documents and lists
  • Automatic column mapping between origin and target lists
  • Use of .NET and Web API

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The ultimate enhancement to this enterprise edition of SharePoint Forms, includes several KWIZ apps that will take your forms to the next level.

  • 18 KWIZ apps that will improve your SharePoint forms
  • Apps for data aggregation externally and across sites
  • Apps for improving data accessibility and efficiency of form creation
  • Additional features for authentication and enhanced customization
  • Introduce a dynamic condition based system that will show/hide elements for specific individuals or properties

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A package containing KWIZ apps conducive for scanning, printing, and reporting.

  • Merge documents into PDF files and print
  • Add watermarks, headers and footers to PDF’s
  • Scan documents into your document library
  • OCR technology allows scanning to text into machine readable text

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Allow users to access any SharePoint list element on any SharePoint site in one aggregated view.

  • Aggregate data from multiple sites, lists, using SharePoint API, MS Graph API, and Excel
  • Filter data through a dynamic aggregation scope by name, content type and list type
  • Display the List Aggregator in a table, list, tabs, grouping, paging, or global menu view.

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List Filter

Create custom filtering forms to easily filter any web part or web parts on your SharePoint site!

  • Add AND / OR operators to list filters
  • Define custom queries (any list type, cross site) & provide them using a DataTable connection to any consumer
  • Can populate filter parameters from a query string (URL)
  • Enable the creation of a custom filter form with all types of fields, including date span and user picker

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Effortlessly configure time and rule based SharePoint notifications and reminders!

  • Define notifications per list/library
  • Choose between on screen and e-mail notifications
  • Schedule notifications for specific user actions and times
  • Define property-based notification rules
  • Great for customer billing, project management, support services, and task management

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So what are you waiting for? Boost your company’s productivity while saving money and time!

This package is ideal for clients that require the highest level of support, while minimizing risks and radically reducing costs of developing custom solution for their SharePoint environment. It also provides ease and security of having solutions that are synchronized with SharePoint infrastructure changes, as well as address any new gaps that may appear on subsequent SharePoint versions or upgrades

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