Data View Plus

The ultimate Swiss Army Knife of data retrieval and display!

Data View Plus

KWIZ’s Data View Plus is a super-flexible solution for retrieving and displaying various data source types in modern, responsive and fully customizable UI display types. 

No need for development skills; build your display “Lego”-style and get your required results immediately

With advanced filtering and connection features, you can quickly implement your aggregated dashboard in SharePoint Online/2019 and Microsoft Teams!

Display what you need in the exact way that you want

Local and remote SharePoint lists/libraries

  • Aggregate data from multiple SharePoint sites and site collections
  • Retrieve items across your entire tenant using SharePoint Search data source
  • Excel files
  • All your Microsoft 365 Online data through Graph API
    (Exchange Online, Azure, AD, OneDrive and more)

No need to purchase any additional SharePoint data displays – we got it all!

  • Grids and responsive list views
  • Calendar (with overlays)
  • Org charts
  • Picture galleries
  • Custom filters
  • Accordion sections and tabs
  • Conditional formatting and KPIs
  • Create your custom layouts!

You can now add the KWIZ SharePoint Data View Plus App to your Microsoft Teams!

Enhance your Teams environment with advanced collaboration features, including data aggregation, Team Calendar overlay, Org. Charts and more

Group your displayed data by any column from your data source and display the grouped data using Accordion sections or Tabs.

Instantly create the exact filtering form you need to find your data using KWIZ’s Data View Plus easily!

Using the Data View Shared Filter, you can create custom filters connected to multiple Data View Plus s on the page – each connected to a different data source!

You can implement various “master-details” views by configuring the Data View Plus’  “Filter Provider” settings and connecting them to multiple Data Views on the page.

Global actions and Item-actions enable you to quickly create custom menus to match your exact usage scenario!

Available action snippets include:
Email item
Show location/s on the map
Call user
And you can create new custom actions in just a few minutes!

In addition to the available display controls and action snippets, SharePoint Data View Plus enables you to create your custom UI.

You can use any custom HTML and the available data sources to make it dynamic!

Quickly highlight your data with icons and fore/back colors, according to various logic conditions.

With Display Groups, you can connect to multiple data sources and display each group of data sources in a different layout as if you have numerous web parts in a single web part!
Additionally, you can target each Display Group to the target audience/s, so different users viewing the same Data View Plus web part will see different views according to their SharePoint group membership.

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