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At KWIZ, we help businesses  increase overall productivity by expanding their present capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint, by simplifying workflows and maximizing efficiency.

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Expand your reach by creating business process solutions with KWIZ Forms, Data Visualization and Content Management. Our professional services team can help your business move to the next level.

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KWIZ ensures 100% secure client-side add-on, meaning that none of your private data is ever sent to the vendor’s cloud server, and preserves your important documents and files safe from exposure.

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KWIZ Forms

KWIZ Forms allow users to create custom forms in SharePoint Online/2019, and Microsoft Teams by enhancing existing list forms.  The best part is that users do not require complex designer or tech skills to reach their full potential with the tool.

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Data Visualization

Data View is a super-flexible solution for retrieving and displaying various data source types in modern, responsive and fully customizable UI display types.

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Content Management

Automate your document creation and delivery by generating and visualizing documents, scanning, collecting e-signatures, or saving them as a PDFs.

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Delve into our KWIZ ultimate bundle and Azure Web Apps

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SharePoint and Microsoft 365

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KWIZ’s ultimate goal is to enable all our customers to reach their full business potential on the Microsoft platform by gaining the ability to build digital workflows and process apps rapidly, with agility and even more accuracy. We facilitate connectivity to enterprise systems, while driving results across your organization with next generation automation capabilities.