SharePoint Collaboration Plus Bundle

The tools you need for your shared workspace

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The KWizCom Collaboration Plus Bundle is a toolkit of ultimate collaboration solutions.

KWizCom collaboration solutions enable you to easily implement enhanced collaborative workspaces, give your users advanced capabilities, cut down work-time, improve productivity and augment over-all efficiency.

What's included in this bundle

What you get What it does List price 30% bundle discount Bundle price
KWizCom Forms Pro Edition + Standard Support Easily create dynamic & smart forms in minutes without any need for technical skills! $2,669.00 $800.70 $1,868.30
Calendar Plus Professional Edition + Standard Support Roll-up all personal & shared scheduling data from various sources into a single aggregated SharePoint calendar view! $1,485.00 $445.50 $1,039.50
Survey Plus web part + Standard Support Easily-managed, configurable, great-looking poll web part $844.00 $253.20 $590.80
Data View Plus Professional Edition + Standard Support Display aggregated items Exactly the way you want, no messy xsl required! $1,143.00 $342.90 $800.10
SharePoint List Filter Plus web part + Standard Support Easily find information in your SharePoint lists & implement custom reports in a few clicks! $1,362.00 $408.60 $953.40
SharePoint Remote List Viewer web part + Standard Support Easily view & manage remote SharePoint lists located in remote sites and servers! $1,050.00 $315.00 $735.00
SharePoint URL Picker Field Type + Standard Support Simplify SharePoint hyperlinking with a boosted URL field $847.00 $254.10 $592.90
SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus + Standard Support Easily implement cross-site lookup, Cascading fields & lookup field filtering functionality to produce extreme SharePoint solutions! $1,374.00 $412.20 $961.80
SharePoint Tagging Feature + Standard Support Advanced Enterprise Taxonomy Management Solution, Any SharePoint Edition! $1,327.00 $398.10 $928.90
SharePoint Rating Solution + Standard Support Web-style rating, voting, "kicking" for your SharePoint intranet & internet website! $954.00 $286.20 $667.80
SharePoint List Aggregator Standard Edition + Standard Support Aggregate data from lists & libraries across entire farm into a single clear consolidated view! $1,150.00 $345.00 $805.00
Discussion Board Feature + Standard Support True, Internet-style discussion boards in SharePoint! $1,599.00 $479.70 $1,119.30
Total $15804 You Save

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Item SKU Price (USD) Payment Type Action
Single Server License: SharePoint enhanced List Bundle
Item:  SharePoint Collaboration Plus Bundle + Standard Support SKU:  KCBP+std Price:  $11,063 Payment Type:  1-time ORDER NOW
Item:  Development License for SharePoint Collaboration Plus Bundle SKU:  DEV(KCBP) Price:  $2,275 Payment Type:  Annual ORDER NOW
Item:  Annual support renewal for SharePoint Collaboration Plus Bundle SKU:  STD(KCBP) Price:  $2,275 Payment Type:  Annual ORDER NOW

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The add-ons are licensed per-WFE server, meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license.
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