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About Sig

Founded 1853, SIG is a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic packaging.
From milk and juice cartons to packages for soups, sauces and desserts, SIG offers a
complete range of packs, flexible filling machines and solutions for operating smarter
factories and bring food products to consumers in a safe, sustainable and affordable
way. Headquartered in Neuhausen, Switzerland, with over 5,500 employees across 68
countries, SIG produces 38 billion cartons annually.

Key Business Drivers

SIG had already commenced its digital transformation program to shift the business
to a cloud-based environment back in 2018. As part of this global digitalisation project,
early 2019 saw the introduction of Microsoft Teams, in order to enhance employee
collaboration and communication across the 68 countries where SIG was present.

Explains Andrei Alexandru-Nicusor, Digital Workplace Specialist at SIG: “With over 5,000
employees, Microsoft Teams was the ideal solution to meet our collaboration needs as
part of our digital transformation effort.”

With a planned global rollout scheduled for September 2019, the Global Cloud Automation
and Infrastructure team quickly launched a pilot program. Working with both IT
administrators and business users, the pilot would enable them to assess and understand
the value of Teams and how it could work as an effective collaborative solution prior to a
worldwide implementation.

Alex continues: “The pilot revealed several issues: Users were looking to set up new Teams
and Channels fast, sending multiple requests for approvals to the IT Administrators.
Combined with their day to day IT commitments, the IT team was struggling to respond
swiftly to these requests, which in turn was slowing down the approval process and users
were becoming frustrated.”

If this was a global roll out, the number of requests worldwide would be enormous.
This would quickly develop into a lengthy backlog of user approvals, putting immense
pressure on the IT team, frustrating users and ultimately reducing the uptake of
Microsoft Teams.

Alex adds: “One of our core responsibilities within the business is user experience.
Based on the outcomes of the pilot, we quickly recognized the need for a governance
solution as the best way to achieve approval process improvements and drive adoption of
Microsoft Teams.”

The ProvisionPoint Solution

SIG selected ProvisionPoint Enterprise – a powerful governance solution – in order to address the issues highlighted by the Microsoft Teams pilot.

Alex explains: “ProvisionPoint Enterprise automates Microsoft Teams provisioning, so users do not have to go through a complicated approval and set up process – this is exactly what we needed to minimize any backlog of user approvals, encourage adoption and reap the benefits of this new collaborative tool.”

As part of the global roll out of Microsoft Teams in September 2019, ProvisionPoint Enterprise was deployed at the same time, hand in hand. Comprehensive internal training was also provided for both SIG users and IT administrators, introducing the ProvisionPoint Enterprise app to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to create a team, enabling users to confidently
manage Microsoft Teams on their own.

Our users feel empowered and we are confidently building our digital workplace across the globe.

Why ProvisionPoint Enterprise?

As part of the global digital transformation program, ProvisionPoint Enterprise has been well received by SIG and the project is considered a resounding success.

Any issues experienced with set up were simply addressed by raising a support ticket and rapidly resolved by the helpful and reliable ProvisionPoint Enterprise support team.

Alex continues: “Without ProvisionPoint Enterprise, the IT team would have been inundated by the number of approval requests, overwhelmed with an extensive backlog and really slow to respond. ProvisionPoint Enterprise has helped us avoid all these issues. Users do not have to jump through hoops to get stuff done. And because of this, we’ve had an amazing response internally across the globe where Microsoft Teams has been widely adopted – and the business is working together more efficiently than ever before.”

SIG considers one of the best features of ProvisionPoint Enterprise is the ability to create and customize service definitions and enforce leases. Alex explains: “This is particularly appreciated by our security team as it restricts who has access to which files and resources – this simply would not be possible without ProvisionPoint Enterprise. ProvisionPoint Enterprise offered the ideal, automated governance and provisioning solution to address our business requirements. We’re thrilled to work with ProvisionPoint, our users feel empowered, adoption rates are high and we are confidently building our digital workplace across the globe.”

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