KWIZ Forms Pro

This intermediate level package includes all of the same features found in our Standard Edition in addition to two beneficial features conducive for custom forms. Available for SharePoint Online and On-Premises*.

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The Best Dynamic SharePoint Forms

Feel secure knowing that our custom forms data never leaves your Microsoft 365 tenant, ensuring maximal data privacy and security. KWIZ Forms allows SharePoint users to enhance their well-known list forms into powerfully dynamic web form tools. By using SharePoint list forms as a foundation, enjoy all of our features without having to waste time relearning a new interface.

Built with an intuitive design in mind, experience the freedom to create intelligent and versatile forms through an approachable interface. No technical coding skills required. 

*On-Premises features may differ from the online versions.

A fortified SharePoint Forms solution

100% Secured SharePoint Forms

KWIZ Forms is the only forms solution that’s implemented as a 100% pure client-side add-in which means none of the customer’s data is sent to the vendor’s cloud server. Your forms data never leaves your SharePoint Online/M365 tenant. 

Additionally, by employing Microsoft’s top of the line encryption technology, ensure that your data is being actively protected.

How KWIZ Forms helps you

True SharePoint Native Forms

KWIZ Forms is 100% SharePoint native which means:

  • Save time in creating new forms (your list forms already exist, just enhance them!)
  • Continue to benefit from SharePoint’s extensibility features, don’t get locked in another “InfoPath-like” solution!
  • Keep the same look and feel as your current portal interface, no separate design required
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Modern UI for desktop and mobile

By utilizing Microsoft’s Fluent UI Design System, KWIZ’s modern forms are fully-responsive ensuring your forms support both desktop and hand-held devices. No need for separate form layouts for mobile browser and desktop!

Have the option to use the exact same KWIZ Forms you have in your SharePoint Online lists inside of your MS Teams channel!

*Available for online versions only.

Field Constraints

Quickly configure dynamic validation rules using a simple and intuitive settings page. No complex formulas!

Column Permissions

Transform your SharePoint list forms into dynamic, intelligent forms that display only the relevant fields according to the current user and context.

Default Values

Easily configure default values for columns that were originally unsupported as if you would any other SharePoint column.

Custom Layout

Turn your SharePoint Online forms into great-looking, multi-tab forms in just a few minutes!

Cascading Lookup

Easily implement cross-site Lookup, Cascading fields & lookup field filtering functionality.

Repeating Rows

Multirow forms enabler for SharePoint Online list forms.

Easily connect your forms to external data sources

Effortlessly pull external data from any web accessible data source. KWIZ Forms is especially conducive to Azure functions/web apps.

*Available for online versions only.

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