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ProvisionPoint Workspaces

End-to-end workspace management with Provisioning, Compliance, and Lifecycle for Microsoft 365


How ProvisionPoint Workspaces Rises to the Workspace Challenge

ProvisionPoint 365 is the workspace governance solution for Office 365, and it’s successor Microsoft 365.

ProvisionPoint 365 supports every Office 365 workspace, including Teams, SharePoint, Groups, and Yammer.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure and the Office 365 product stack, this powerful SaaS solution is made up of 3 pillars of functionality to help users, management, and IT administrators bring control, consistency, and calm to Office 365.

Solving Microsoft 365 Workspace Challenges

Organizations want to keep Office 365 under control.

The user-empowered flexibility of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, Planner Plans, and Yammer Communities makes it easy for Office 365 to get out of control very quickly. ProvisionPoint 365’s powerful feature set brings Workspace Governance to life, solving real-world business challenges within Office 365. 

Prevent Microsoft Workspace Sprawl

Empower users With Self-Service

Accelerate Office 365 Adoption

Improve Workplace Collaboration

Automate Workspace Disposal

Implement Your Governance Policies

Ensure Workspace Compliance

Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

Provisioning Features

ProvisionPoint 365 is the complete solution for Office 365 provisioning with all experiences being supported.

  Modern experiences can be created, including sites, Groups and Microsoft Teams. Need Classic SharePoint? No problem. Sites can also be created, including site collections and sub-sites.

 Templates can easily be configured to meet any requirement, defining how a requested object will be created. Each template can include features, structure, and other functionality. Full PnP Framework support means that the most complex needs can be catered for.

Compliance Features

Ongoing management matters in Microsoft 365. Things change, chaos takes over. New lists or libraries, more channels, planner tasks, updating permissions. Change is relentless.

ProvisionPoint 365 empowers users to safely manage change in Microsoft 365. Actions can be performed that are centrally defined, but actionable by any permitted user. Everyone can be an administrator, with zero risk.

Sprawl can be prevented, aged data can be effectively eliminated, sites and Teams can be expired and archived, by users or by several differing processes.

Lifecycle Management Features

Office 365 encourages collaboration, it’s made for it. Users create within objects and containers in Office 365 like never before.

With so much going on it is hardly surprising that chaos is easily introduced. ProvisionPoint 365 brings control to the chaos by enabling seamless management of the lifecycle of Office 365 objects and containers.

From the point of object creation, throughout its use, and onto its retention and disposal, ProvisionPoint 365 puts simplified lifecycle management front and center of the user experience.

Provisioning Features

Compliance Features

Lifecycle Management Features

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