Scheduled Workflows in SharePoint and Teams

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Building Scheduled Workflows in SharePoint and Teams


Organizations store a lot of information in SharePoint and Teams.  The demand for implementing automation to manage this data is becoming more pronounced, whether that be at the point of creation or at a specific point in time.  For the later use case, Scheduled Actions from KWIZ is here to help.  It is designed to assist users in automating workflows at precisely scheduled intervals, ensuring that the automation of tasks is as efficient and timely as the circumstances demand. Whether it’s about automating reminders for policy reviews, triggering budget approval processes, or scheduling compliance checks for certifications.



Why do you need to schedule automation?


There are many scenarios where we may choose to schedule a workflow activity, typically driven by date columns associated with our SharePoint items.  By leveraging the capabilities of scheduled workflows, organizations can preemptively address tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.


For example:


·      An email notification reminding owners that their tasks are due or overdue.

·      A task assignment for employee certifications that are approaching expiry.

·      Moving expired documents to an archive repository.

·      Removing permissions to an item at a specific point in time.


How to do it


The challenge with using SharePoint and Teams is that the landscape is confusing.  There is not a single platform for customization and workflow automation there is frequently a need for premium licenses.  Further, the alternatives offered by third-party vendors have the compliance risks of data being stored outside of your Microsoft tenant.


Scheduled Actions from KWIZ is different.  Workflows can easily be created and scheduled directly from within SharePoint.  There are a range of simple to use actions like Send Email, Copy/Move Item, Add Item and Set Item Permission.  Further, for advanced scenarios, you can work with external data through web services.  Most importantly your data is not stored on external servers, it remains in your tenant.  It is the most comprehensive and easy to use solution for building scheduled workflows for SharePoint and Teams.

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