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kwiz services for Microsoft

Partner with a team who understands Microsoft technology and can get you the results you need

At KWIZ, we understand that we must ensure our loyal customers have all the tailored support they need. We want our customers to feel secure in partnering with a team who fully understands the Microsoft ecosystem, not just SharePoint, and is focused on maximizing individual, goal-oriented business outcomes.

Our services can be accessed from anywhere around the globe, both on-premises and online Microsoft products, and we provide full ongoing support for our KWIZ apps and solutions.


Digital Transformation

Migration Services to accelerate your digital journey
Expedite your organizational success by migrating into a cloud-first world and expanding your organization’s reach to give you greater flexibility, security, and scalability. Whether M365 or Azure based migration, once live, our team will work with your organization to focus on maximizing user adoption.

Support Services

Implementation and configuration with end-to-end support
Expanding your usage of the Microsoft ecosystem is an impactful way to connect data, enable cross-functional collaboration, and eliminate silos that may impede your business progress. Our team will ensure all your Microsoft 365 and Azure Web applications are effectively up and running, bridge technological gaps, and facilitate universal adoption and management.


Enhanced services for Microsoft SharePoint
KWIZ team has over 100 years of combined experience working on optimizing SharePoint for some of the world’s most recognized organizations. Implementing SharePoint has been the driving force in our business journey and has ultimately become the backbone of our products and service offerings.


Evaluations that are designed to unravel your technological weaknesses and support your best assets
Our team will provide you with a complete assessment report identifying bottlenecks, gaps, and pain points in your current system profile and establish action items to correct areas of concern. With a focus on security assessments, we are equipped to provide you with insights into emerging threats so you can proactively put controls and mitigation plans in place