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SharePoint Solutions

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Calendar Plus App

SharePoint and Exchange Online Calendar Aggregation

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SharePoint Online Apps

Check out our add-ins to see how we can help with your SharePoint Online challenges

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Repeating Rows

Quick, affordable & simple multi-row forms enabler feature for any SharePoint platform

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Copy/Move SharePoint Content

Builk-copy or move SharePoint items, docs & pages across your SharePoint farm


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Data Retrieval & Display Within Microsoft Teams

5 March, 2020


New Release! No-code and dynamic forms in minutes! KWizCom Forms v15.4.10 is available!

15 January, 2020


New Release! Copy rich content & uploading images from desktop to SharePoint the easy way! Paste+ App is available!

15 January, 2020


New Release! The ultimate Swiss-knife of data retrieval and display! Data View Plus app v1.0.12 Build 107 is now available!

14 January, 2020


New Release! Events Rollup, team calendars, mini-calendars - ALL in a single solution! Calendar Plus web part v15.5.67 is available!

12 December, 2019


New Release! Multi-row forms in SharePoint! Repeating Rows v15.4.09 is available!

12 December, 2019