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SharePoint Solutions

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Calendar Plus App

SharePoint and Exchange Online Calendar Aggregation

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SharePoint Online Apps

Check out our add-ins to see how we can help with your SharePoint Online challenges

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Repeating Rows

Quick, affordable & simple multi-row forms enabler feature for any SharePoint platform

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Copy/Move SharePoint Content

Builk-copy or move SharePoint items, docs & pages across your SharePoint farm


News & Webinars


KWizCom Forms Major Version Preview: New Modern & Responsive Forms

21 April, 2020


New Release! Easily import Excel data & bulk-edit your SharePoint lists! List Inline Editor v15.1.19 is available

31 March, 2020


New Release! No-code, dynamic & smart SharePoint forms in minutes! KWizCom Forms v15.3.20 is available!

28 March, 2020


New Release! Stop waiting for large files to download! SharePoint Quick Previewer v15.2.11 is available

28 March, 2020


New Release! The ultimate Swiss-knife of data retrieval & display! Data View Plus App v1.0.12 Build 113 is available

11 March, 2020


New Release! Events rollup, team calendars, mini calendars - all in a single solution! Calendar Plus web part v15.5.68 is available!

23 February, 2020