Accelerating LaMontagne Solutions Adoption in North America

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About LaMontagne Solutions

Located in Calgary, Canada, LaMontagne Solutions is an independent consulting firm
dedicated to helping companies successfully embark on their Microsoft Teams journey.
They support Microsoft partners and other businesses of all sizes, across various
industries, including education, energy and the public sector, who are predominantly
based in North America.

Key Business Drivers

Acting as a key advisor, LaMontagne Solutions helps customers with Microsoft Teams
adoption and rollout.

Explains Michael LaMontagne, Consultant at LaMontagne Solutions: “Many of our
customers are new to Teams: some are migrating from Skype and others are even moving
away from traditional phone systems to Microsoft Teams for improved collaboration and
communication. We wanted to be able offer our customers a comprehensive, end-to-end
Teams solution to help them install, deploy, use, and govern Teams properly right from
the start.”

Having recognized that the user self-service aspect of Microsoft Teams is prone to
creating IT sprawl, LaMontagne Solutions wanted to find a way of helping customers
avoid this while implementing best practices as part of their overall Teams adoption and
implementation package.

The ProvisionPoint Partnership

LaMontagne Solutions has partnered with ProvisionPoint and its flexible governance,
provisioning, and lifecycle application, ProvisionPoint Enterprise, in order to supplement
their own Microsoft Teams portfolio.

Michael continues: “ProvisionPoint Enterprise is the ideal application to enhance our
Microsoft Teams package and help our customers deploy Teams effectively, while retaining
control. It made complete business sense to engage in a partnership to rapidly rollout this
solution to our North American clients.”

Why ProvisionPoint?

ProvisionPoint Enterprise is simple to install and can be up and running on a customer site in no time – it requires very little intervention from the LaMontagne team.

Michael continues: “Our customers use ProvisionPoint Enterprise for governance, templates, approvals, lifecycle management and to manage permissions. Feedback is really positive – it’s so easy to use. Our clients particularly like the customizable aspect where they can quickly structure templates exactly how they want.” With its ability to manage lifecycles, ProvisionPoint Enterprise also offers a consistent way to create, manage and dispose of Microsoft Teams workspaces to avoid IT sprawl.

ProvisionPoint Enterprise is a turnkey solution that helps our customers set up and manage Microsoft Teams governance right from the start.

Concludes Michael: “ProvisionPoint Enterprise is a turnkey solution – it requires no rebuild or code rework. We can deploy it to a customer site and then not worry about it – it just works. We always promote ProvisionPoint Enterprise to our customers as part of our IT consulting support services and are delighted to learn that we have installed the most instances of ProvisionPoint Enterprise above any other partner to date.”

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