Self-service SharePoint Solution Improves bbv Customer Management

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About bbv

bbv Software Services AG is a Swiss IT consultancy and software engineering company,
headquartered in Lucerne. Established in 1995, the company employs over 300 IT experts
across Switzerland, Germany, Greece, and Vietnam. It delivers bespoke IT projects to drive
digital transformation success, ranging from software modernization and development to
Internet of Things and blockchain projects. In 2021, bbv was named the best ICT employer
in Switzerland.

Key Business Drivers

Explains Rafael Wicki, IT Manager at bbv: “The IT team was using Microsoft PowerShell
to create the SharePoint Sites for customer management projects, and users were heavily
dependent on IT in order to set up a Site. With over 500 customers running multiple
projects, with a variety of bids, quotes, and other important files, it was a complex and
lengthy process, often untidy and the functionality was pretty basic. With limited resources,
there was also a lot of pressure on our internal IT team every time a user put in a request
to set up a new SharePoint Site. This delay was creating frustration for users across the
organization and the risk of users seeking alternative solutions was high.”

bbv recognized the need to implement a tool to not only speed up the creation of
customer projects and reduce the dependency on IT, but also to deliver a modern, easy to
use, yet compliant cloud solution to drive self-service, empower users and create a well governed structure that worked for everyone.

Rafael continues: “As a software development company, we could have effectively built our
own Microsoft 365 governance solution for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint in-house.
However, taking into account the considerable number of man days to develop this kind of
application, combined with on-going maintenance as well as keeping on top of the regular
Microsoft updates – this represented a major project that we simply did not have the
internal resource to manage.”

The ProvisionPoint Workspaces Solution

After a workshop with SharePoint experts, bbv was introduced to ProvisionPoint
Workspaces. Continues Rafael: “ProvisionPoint Workspaces is an off-the-shelf Microsoft
365 governance solution – that we could still customize to meet our specific needs. Users
can create their own SharePoint Site for each one of their customers, and then associate
Teams, Sites, bids and any other customer work to each dedicated customer Site – without
having to raise a ticket with our IT team.”

With ProvisionPoint Workspaces, users are even able to associate one or more Site for each customer project. Customer, Bid and Project Sites can be created from pre-defined templates in ProvisionPoint Workspaces, where each template includes important project details such as key resources, folder structures for documents and Planners for task management. This maintains project compliance and keeps the Microsoft 365 environment controlled, reducing the potential for IT sprawl.

ProvisionPoint Workspaces has given users greater independence and reduced the IT workload while delivering a well-structured, well-governed Microsoft 365 environment

Rafael Wicki, IT Manager, bbv Tweet

Why ProvisionPoint Workspaces?

“ProvisionPoint Workspaces works with modern SharePoint Sites and easily integrates with all Microsoft Teams APIs – which is exactly what we were looking for,” explains Rafael. “No additional development is required – in fact we have complete programming independence – so we can customize it to meet our own requirements as and when we need to.”

Rafael concludes: “With the ability to rapidly create their own SharePoint Sites for projects and customers from a set of predefined templates, users can confidently create projects in a consistent fashion and manage their own customers so much better. This self-service option gives users greater responsibility and has significantly reduced the number of issues for the IT
team to manage. ProvisionPoint Workspaces has also improved visibility of all our customer Sites – it simply works, first time.”

Adds Peter Baddeley, Head of Delivery at ProvisionPoint: “When a site request is made, ProvisionPoint Workspaces automatically checks if one already exists to avoid creating a similar site, subsequently avoiding sprawl and site duplication. The new approval process has significantly minimized the backlog of site approvals for the IT Team. With pre-defined templates, ProvisionPoint Workspaces makes it quick and easy for users to create their own modern SharePoint sites with a consistent look and feel. This ensures all bbv users can confidently create compliant and secure SharePoint sites – yet IT
remains in control.”

ProvisionPoint also continues to add new features and capabilities to support its customers, delivering a flexible and agile solution that’s easy to use.

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