Definiti Partnership Delivers Greater Governance for Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

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About definiti

definiti is a People First, technology consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations
build a modern digital workplace. The team of certified Microsoft experts, based in both
Sydney and Newcastle, Australia, achieve this by delivering and deploying collaborative
workplace solutions using the latest Microsoft 365 applications within a modern, secure
and well-governed ecosystem. definiti has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 10 years.

Key Business Drivers

definiti predominantly works with Microsoft 365 technologies to support its customers
across a variety of industries, including mining, central and local government as well as
healthcare organizations.

Explains David Thomas, Chief Technical Officer at definiti: “Our business philosophy is
to make people successful at work by creating time, through the deployment of intelligent
workplace solutions. As a powerful communication and collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams is the perfect fit, allowing users to be very responsive and much more collaborative than ever before. But this flexibility also makes it easy to get out of control – very, very quickly.”

With the increased adoption of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, definiti recognized the
imperative need to offer a secure solution to help maintain governance and compliance
over SharePoint and Teams, as well as manage IT sprawl for their customers.

The ProvisionPoint Partnership

David continues: “At first, we considered developing our own app to help our clients
implement best practices and address the issues around Teams provisioning and
governance. However, on closer examination, it was turning out to be a costly project.”

After some internet research, definiti discovered ProvisionPoint Workspaces, a flexible
governance, provisioning, and lifecycle SaaS solution from ProvisionPoint, which could
address the Microsoft Teams governance challenge for its customers.

Explains David: “We wanted to be able to recommend a governance solution to help our
clients embrace Microsoft Teams in a secure and well governed way, that would promote
user empowerment while maintaining control. With its ease of use and fixed price model,
partnering with ProvisionPoint was the obvious choice.

Why ProvisionPoint?

“From a product perspective,” David goes on, “ProvisionPoint Workspaces is a feature rich tool that is really simple to use and manage. It’s affordable, it’s customizable and customers are up and running in no time. And it also offers a consistent and secure way to create, manage and dispose of Microsoft 365 workspaces to retain control while avoiding IT sprawl.”

With an instance securely hosted at Microsoft’s Australia Central datacenter, ProvisionPoint Workspaces is rapidly available to all Australian companies.

Davis adds: “We recognize that ProvisionPoint has invested locally in order to better support Microsoft 365 users at a local level. The ability to deploy ProvisionPoint Workspaces from an Australian Azure datacenter offers improved performance and speed, as well as meeting our customer’s data sovereignty requirements too.”

"The flexibility of ProvisionPoint Workspaces offers our customers a rapid, cost effective solution for proper Teams governance."

David concludes: “With its rich feature-set, extensibility and ease-of-use, we are able to deliver a highly-secure solution to our clients that maintains governance and compliance over SharePoint and Teams, whilst providing end users with self-service capabilities and administrators with reduced management overheads. This delivers exceptional return on investment and end user satisfaction. And we know the ProvisionPoint support team are always accessible for any additional guidance and help we may need.”

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