KWIZ Forms enhances Global Fintech company’s product development

KWIZ Forms | Global Remit Case Study

Global Remit is a leading boutique fintech company that provides its customers with advanced digital solutions and personal banking services. The company makes sending remittances simple, secure, and convenient, providing low fees enabling clients across the globe to get much more out of their money. Global Remit was looking for a way to streamline its product development process. To achieve this goal, they decided to implement KWIZ Forms.

“We have been using other development options and
found KWIZ Forms on top of MS SharePoint & Teams
to be the best due to its amazing flexibility.”

  • Shachar Solomon: CTO
    Global Remit

Brief Summary

Global Remit provides a wide range of in-office & online financial services including:

  1. Online cross-country payments & remittance
  2. Cash pick up
  3. Import banknotes currencies
  4. Global Debit Card
  5. Currency exchange

The company provides these services by constantly developing digital tools, all based on its advanced cloud financial platform.

The Challenge

Like many other companies, Global Remit has been using many different tools to capture issues & requests from different sources in a backlog, organize & prioritize them into sub-projects (sprints), include business requirements and keep all stakeholders “on the same page”.

The main problems the company encountered were:

  • Separate, disconnected systems for SCRUM Backlog, support case management, timesheet reporting, and daily collaboration.
  • Business users don’t use the same technical systems as the dev. team, so are not exposed in real-time to the feature implementation progress.
  • Hard to compare estimated time & costs, to actual time it took, as these are reported in different systems.
  • The solutions used were not flexible, i.e:  you must use them in the exact way they were designed for, unable to add additional properties or customize their workflow to match the company’s business processes.

The Solution

KWIZ Forms is a powerful and flexible codeless solution for implementing business processes in SharePoint & Teams, that are customized to meet the specific needs of an organization. With the extension, Global Remit was able to streamline its product development process and improve the overall user experience by:

  1. Implement a feature backlog which is available to all stakeholders.
    Sales, Operations and Accounting users can easily add feature requests and easily see exactly when these requests will be implemented directly from their MS Teams channel.
    This makes the entire product development process transparent to business, making all teams always be on the same page.
  2. Implement an easy-to-use SCRUM management system, which supports the entire dev. Cycle, customized to Global Remits working processes.
  3. Implement a convenient timesheet solution, fully connected to the SCRUM management system.
    This enables a clear visibility during the sprint lifecycle of time estimates vs. actual spent time on each issue, enabling constant improvement of the process.
  4. Improving data collection accuracy: By using the KWIZ Forms add-on, Global Remit was able to improve the accuracy of data collection. The app’s intuitive interface and customizable forms ensured that data was collected in a consistent and accurate manner, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall quality of the data collected.
  5. Enhancing collaboration and communication: the KWIZ Forms add-on allowed Global Remit to enhance collaboration and communication between its teams, customers, and stakeholders. The app’s ability to provide a custom view to each target audience enabled teams to work together more efficiently and effectively, resulting in improved product development outcomes.

The Benefits

Overall, the KWIZ Forms app enabled Global Remit to achieve its goal of streamlining its product development process and enhancing the overall user experience. The app’s powerful and flexible features, combined with its intuitive interface allowed Global Remit to implement its exact required processes in SharePoint & Teams, without investing any development efforts.

About Global Remit

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“Using KWIZ Forms proved to be a huge cost saver both on the initial implementation effort and on the on-going maintenance. Our next step is to use this tool to implement our Sales, Marketing and HR processes as well.”

  • Haim Yablonka: CEO
    Global Remit

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