KWIZ Streamlines US Based Sanitary Company’s Ticketing Process

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According to The World Bank, a whopping 3.6 billion people around the world lack access to safely managed sanitation services. Improved sanitation not only equals to lower reports of diseases and less contamination of major food sources, but also subsequently increases the attendance of girls at school, improved job opportunities and wages, and inevitable economic and social gains to society as a whole among other things.

But what exactly does it take to have a system that works effectively, and seamlessly? The obvious overarching answer would be to ensure that sanitary and sewage drainage  systems remove waste in an environmentally friendly manner by way of an extensive network of pipes, filtrations, grinders, vacuums, and disposal systems – which are all controlled by a central computing network. And that computer network system needs to be up to speed, regulated, and fully functional for the best possible outcomes. 

Our client, a Government registered sanitation company in California, USA, came to KWIZ with a unique challenge in 2022. They required an update to their “request submission process” so that their end-users could standardize their processes, and not be left frustrated by convoluted procedures that were currently in place. 
Upon hearing the client’s situation and dilemma, our KWIZ sales and development team suggested that our KWIZ Forms Enterprise was the most effective solution to solve their  issues. The key apps that are included in this bundle are Repeating Rows, Form Layout, Custom Actions, and Activities, and Cascading LookApp.

The KWIZ team came together to use a combination of Repeating Rows and Cascading LookApp to allow the client to create a request form in a way that allowed  employees the ability to request options available to them based on department/seniority. The actions and activities component further ensured that individuals in the warehouse were also aware of the request in a timely manner due to the fully automated workflow.

This particular client had been a customer of KWIZ for several years, and had initially purchased the KWIZ Calendar App, and was very satisfied with our product. They had been struggling with their current issues and reached out to our Customer Service Manager for a demo, and asked for a  product that would satisfy their needs. From there, the KWIZ team was able to set up a customer environment and lead training on how the customer could replicate this in their own SharePoint tenant. The customer noted that the main reason why they chose to KWIZ to assist them in this process was because they knew from previous experience that KWIZ would ensure that:
(a) All applications were connected seamlessly under one roof
(b) There would be an ease of use 
(c) KWIZ Forms would have the ability to solve their problems using out of the box solutions and methodology. 

We are happy to report that the results were a success, and our client remains loyal to the KWIZ brand as a result.

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