Using KWIZ Forms to power Medical Survey Implementation

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Complexly structured online survey for the two largest public hospitals in Australia was made possible by using the power of KWizCom Forms.

Brief Summary

case study | KWIZ FormsA requirement to provide an easy to implement, but complexly structured online survey to the two of the largest public hospitals in Australia was created as part of a medical research project. The research centers on systematic collation of data on plastic surgeries relating to the Free Flap reconstructive surgery technique, for the first time in Australia. The “development” team consists of medical and business professionals who are non-technical (non-IT). Although the required efficient survey data collection was to be complex and detailed in nature it was made possible and easily developed by using the power of KWizCom Forms. “Using KWizCom’s products we were able to very quickly and very cost-effectively deliver the solution to the client, with the added benefit that with minimal training they were able to modify it further”, advises Mario Galevski, the Principal Consultant at Inventif Systems.

The Situation

The medical research in the Free Flap plastic surgery is the first of its kind in Australia. It will attempt to create a reference list or database of free autologous tissue transfer surgeries performed going forward and may be used as a research tool for plastic/reconstructive surgeons in Australia and worldwide. The security and controllability of the development in SharePoint, as well as the relative ease of rapid development were crucial in deciding on the architecture and platform.

The Challenge

The survey itself is rather complex, with multitude of entry controls, including multi-column SharePoint forms, multiple repeating sections, need for specific field validations and flexibility and ease of development were requirements. InfoPath and other proprietary Forms technologies and tools were considered initially, but were abandoned because of complexity of implementation (InfoPath) or cost considerations (other third party tools).

The Solution

By using the KWizCom’s Forms App toolset, it was possible to provide quick prototyping, development and deployment. The level of technical
knowledge required to use was acceptable and rather minimal. The richness of the toolset and the ease of use meant that frequent changes of requirements could be implemented within short timeframes. This assisted in avoiding the traditional waterfall development model and going straight into development iterations.

The final survey layout and functionality are exactly as the survey authors wanted it to be, developed in minimal time with maximum flexibility with a very small learning curve. Of special note is that KWizCom’s solution is a native SharePoint implementation, which means it could easily be moved between purely On-premises and in-the-cloud architectures – and any hybrid solution in between.


Easy-to-use: no power-user skills were required to develop the survey, KWizCom Forms is designed for non-technical business users

Rich functionalities: the wealth of functionalities of the product allowed the team to save time enabling maximum flexibility

SharePoint native: supports all SharePoint column types, including custom columns (even those bought from other vendors)

About Inventif Systems

Inventif Systems is an Australian custom solutions provider, based in the Melbourne area. Established in 2009, the company provides innovative, highly specialized solutions in process improvement, automation, systems integration and data warehousing. Working with clients in varied industries, such as outsourced payroll, hospitality, construction, health, education and government, it draws on the vast business experience of its founders to address and solve complex business problems.

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