New Partnership With IOZ Delivers Office 365 Provisioning Success

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About IOZ

IOZ is an IT company based in Sursee, near Lucerne, in Switzerland. With 25 employees,
the IOZ team is dedicated to supporting small to medium sized Swiss businesses get
more out of their investment in Microsoft 365, helping customers improve collaboration,
processes, workflows, compliance and more, using SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and many
other Office 365 services

Key Business Drivers

Switzerland is renowned as being a very safe country and businesses are incredibly
security focused. Reluctant to embrace the cloud, with a preference to using on-premise
solutions, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic at the start of 2020 forced many Swiss
companies to swiftly adopt remote working and subsequently, cloud-based solutions,
which presented a number of challenges for the workforce.

Explains Sandro Ineichen, Microsoft 365 Consultant at IOZ: “The Covid-19 restrictions saw
many of our customers rapidly imposing remote working polices and adopting Microsoft
Teams, to enable colleagues to collaborate effectively while keeping business operations
running smoothly during these difficult times.”

The hurried introduction of Microsoft Teams without any kind of training, processes
and support in place quickly spiraled out of control for many IOZ customers, with users
creating vast amounts of duplicate Teams, Channels and other Office 365 workspaces.

Sandro continues: “We work with smaller businesses employing around 50-100 users.
Many do not have a large IT team; some don’t even have one at all. It quickly became
apparent that Microsoft Teams was becoming chaotic and out of control at many of our
customer sites. Coupled with this, one of our key customers had a specific requirement
they needed us to urgently address – they wanted to create non-group connected
SharePoint sites for managing contracts with their external partners – and our current
provisioning software simply could not solve this issue. We needed to find a new
provisioning partner fast.”

The ProvisionPoint Solution

After evaluating several potential partners and their provisioning tools, IOZ selected ProvisionPoint Enterprise – a powerful governance, provisioning and compliance solution from ProvisionPoint.

Sandro explains: “We needed a partner who could aid us in tackling this particular customer issue with SharePoint. We also need a solution that could help other customers regain control of Microsoft Teams and deliver ongoing provisioning for our clients. ProvisionPoint Enterprise was the only solution that met all the criteria.”

With delegated permissions and standardized templates set up within ProvisionPoint Enterprise, users can still create their own Teams for data exchange and collaboration, but IT sprawl is minimized and IT remains in overall control.

Why ProvisionPoint Enterprise?

“As many of our customers only have small IT departments, reducing pressure on IT while controlling sprawl and remaining secure was top of the agenda,” Sandro continues.

“With many of them embracing Teams at speed, the ability to deploy ProvisionPoint Enterprise fast was ideal. It’s also easy to configure and easy to use, so customers can use it instantly with little input required from the IT team. IT can still maintain full control, but remain focused on their day-to-day responsibilities during these challenging times.”

Another key factor for IOZ was pricing. ProvisionPoint Enterprise is a low cost provisioning solution with a fixed pricing structure based on user numbers which is a great fit for IOZ’s client base where clear costs are very important.

ProvisionPoint Enterprise is a secure, powerful, yet low cost provisioning tool - a perfect fit for our SME security conscious customers.

Sandro Ineichen, Microsoft 365 Consultant Tweet

Sandro concludes: “The support service is second to none – any queries have been swiftly addressed by the ProvisionPoint team. The tool has been well received by all users and we’ve had really positive feedback. In fact, the ProvisionPoint partnership has proved such a success, we now offer ProvisionPoint Enterprise as an additional option to all our customers!”

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