Take Microsoft Teams to the Next Level

Extend the capabilities of MS Teams! Transform Teams channels into more advanced collaborative workspaces with our modern apps.

• Create dynamic forms & workflows
• Aggregate events and calendars
• As part of your Teams Project Dashboard, aggregate & highlight items
• Aggregate & display any content type in Teams channel, e.g. tasks/milestones aggregation from many sites, posts, news

As a result, you can easily implement all kinds of common use-cases available within Teams, such as:

• IT helpdesk
• HR leave request solution
• Company phone book
• Anything else requiring advanced forms & data aggregation/display

Use KWizCom modern apps & Teams to make deployment and user-adoption of Teams easier. The same solutions that were previously only available in SharePoint can now be used in Teams!

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Data View Plus App: https://kwizcom.com/sharepoint-apps/data-view-plus-spfx-web-part/

KWizCom Forms App: https://kwizcom.com/sharepoint-apps/kwizcom-sharepoint-forms/