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Upcoming Webinars

Join our R&D support team engineers to learn about our products’ key features, advanced configuration, and customization options, as well as on selected development subjects. These webinars are given FREE of charge enabling you to make the best use of our products to achieve your business goals.

Enterprise SharePoint Collaboration Made Easy
Jul 22, 2020 | 1:00 pm  webinar

Join KWizCom’s Product Group Manager to preview the recent release of Wiki Plus and see how you can easily create dynamic and easy-to-update public facing knowledgebase sites!

The session will include the new tag-based & folder-based navigation tree which allows quick organization of documentation and articles, and empowers end-users to easily navigate across KB sites.

Create Expense Reporting & Approval Solution Without Becoming a Forms Expert
Aug 12, 2020 | 2:00 pm  webinar

Expense reporting scenario is a classic example of a solution that requires multi-row forms along with other dynamic forms capabilities and workflows. Unlike many technical form & workflow tools, with KWizCom Forms users can implement such forms without any complex “forms-designer” experience, by simply setting up rules using KWizCom Forms web settings pages.

Join this live session where SharePoint Expert & Consultant Peter Baddeley will demonstrate how non-technical users can easily create expense reporting & approval solutions by using KWizCom’s modern forms.

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