KWIZ is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for US Government

Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

KWizCom’s Latest Achievement

KWizCom, a global leading developer of SharePoint Forms and Workflows, as well as various other SharePoint web parts, addons and apps for Microsoft 365 designed to enhance and expand Microsoft SharePoint announces the approval of their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for Microsoft Cloud for the United States Government.

What is Microsoft Cloud for US Government?

The Microsoft Cloud for Government is a comprehensive platform for public sector agencies of the United States government. The platform is expressly designed for the Federal, State and Local Governments to meet the US Government’s meticulous and thorough security and compliance regulations.

How Does KWizCom’s Latest Achievement Affect the US Government Organizations?

Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft Cloud for US GovernmentIn addition to being able to transfer their current system to a cloud-based system to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs, the US government agencies can now take advantage of the KWizCom’s Microsoft 365 apps which are available to them through the system.

Therefore, as a Microsoft partner, KWizCom can now sell their Microsoft’s cloud solutions and services to the United States federal, state, local, and tribal entities through the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) for Microsoft Cloud for the US Government.

About KWizCom Corporation

Since 2005, KWizCom has provided innovative solutions and services to make SharePoint even better for over 10,000 companies worldwide. KWizCom is a leading provider of SharePoint Forms, Workflows, Mobile, Print, Scan and over 70 other web parts for SharePoint On-premises and Microsoft 365 apps. All KWizCom SharePoint solutions are designed for non-technical business users. Moreover, all their Microsoft 365 apps are available for an unlimited free trial. To get the free trial of the SharePoint web parts, addons and apps for Microsoft Office 365 that KWizCom offers, the company invites SharePoint users to visit their website at Here is a 1-minute company overview video to quickly introduce KWizCom and its SharePoint offerings.