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All KWizCom SPFx Apps Can Now Be Added to MS Teams
Aug 9, 2019

Now you can add your KWizCom SPFx App to Microsoft Teams! The recent release of the KWizCom Data View Plus App (SPFx) adds many enhancements to the toolkit, bringing the app to a new level of functionality and maturity which allows the users to add the toolkit and its products to their Microsoft Teams.

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KWizCom Corporation Announces Partnership with DS Informatique
Aug 8, 2019

KWizCom, a leading developer of SharePoint Forms & Workflows, as well as multiple other turn-key SharePoint web parts, add-ons and apps for Office 365 (SharePoint Online) designed to expand Microsoft SharePoint, is pleased to announce its newest partner from France DS Informatique.

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KWizCom Announces a New Webinar on How to Make Complex Data Aggregation Simple
Jul 11, 2019

KWizCom, a leading developer of SharePoint Forms & Workflows, as well as multiple other powerful SharePoint web parts, add-ons and apps for Office 365 (SharePoint Online) announced their plans to air a new webinar entitled “Complex Data Aggregation Made Simple”. The webinar will be led by SharePoint Expert, MVP, a technology writer and speaker from India Bijay Kumar Sahoo.

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Product Special – SharePoint Find and Replace
Jul 10, 2019

Migrating to SharePoint 2016/2019 server? Migrating from SP On-premises to SharePoint Online? Completed your migration & got stuck with hard-coded strings & URLs in many SharePoint lists, pages & documents? SharePoint Find & Replace! Safely and quickly find & replace old URLs and strings in SharePoint 2013-2019 farm/Office 365 sites!

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It’s Canada’s Birthday but You Get the Gift!
Jun 28, 2019

On Monday, July 1st as a proudly Canadian company, KWizCom celebrates the national day of Canada. We would like all our customers and supporters, no matter from which part of the world they come from, to join us in celebrating the special day of this wonderful country.

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Automating Business Processes Without Messing With Technical Workflow Tools
Apr 17, 2019

Can end-users automate business processes easily without any technical workflow tools? YES!! Streamlining business processes has never been this easy! Join MVP Bijaya Kumar for a live webinar where he will illustrate real life scenarios and demonstrate how non technical end-users can easily automate business use-cases without messing with complex workflow designers.

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Product of the Month & the Special Discount that Comes With It
Mar 27, 2019

Safely find & replace old URLs and strings in SharePoint 2013-2019 farm/Office 365 sites! SharePoint Find & Replace supports SharePoint 2013-2019 server, as well as SharePoint online (Office 365). This administration-client tool will scan your SharePoint farm and will replace the existing strings with an updated string of your choosing. The tool includes a “Scan only” mode as well as a detailed log – both enable the admin to stay in control and easily monitor all string replacements.

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