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SharePoint Newsroom

Using SharePoint On-premises? Here’s your summer gift!
Jun 7, 2021

Are you using SharePoint On-premises? Get your summer gift! Browse KWizCom's SharePoint On-premises addons to select the one you want to get as a summer gift! Email us the name of the product to and the team will prepare your free order.

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A Small UI Change, a Huge UX Impact!
May 19, 2021

Focusing on end-user experience, we've just published URL File Picker SharePoint App which makes end-user's life much easier! We have added a URL picker to the SharePoint URL/image field that will save you insane amount of time! No more typing!

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Edit Content in SharePoint 10X Faster!
May 11, 2021

Simplify the process of editing, copying and moving data in SharePoint Online. Work 10x faster, become 10x more efficient! Register for this live webinar led by SharePoint Consultant Peter Baddeley who will demonstrate a number of real world scenarios of how KWizCom apps for Microsoft 365 simplify the process of editing, copying and moving data in SharePoint.

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New Webinar on Leave Request Management and Approval in M365
Apr 23, 2021

KWizCom will be hosting a new webinar this time on how to simplify leave request management & approval in M365. Leave request & approval is one of the most common use-cases, yet it can be very different from company to company. In this live session, you'll see how by using KWizCom modern apps for SharePoint Online & Microsoft Teams, SharePoint users can implement this and other business solutions quickly without requiring development or power-user skills.

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A Good SharePoint Dashboard = Fast Dashboard
Apr 12, 2021

As we know a SharePoint dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance. This usually requires connecting to and aggregating data from various data sources into one consolidated view. A common solution in SP is using multiple “roll-up” web parts on a page, each running some query to retrieve & display required data.

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SharePoint Forms in Microsoft Office 365: Challenges & Strategy
Feb 4, 2021

An increasingly mobile, and in more recent times remote workforce, has led to a demand to interact with SharePoint from a variety of different devices. Gone are the days when a user would sit at a desktop in the office and complete a form, which challenges many of the traditional ways SharePoint was deployed.

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